Yodatax Expat Solutions offers fully integrated advice to companies and expats that are active internationally.

We know from experience that you won’t just be dealing with fiscal matters when having cross-border activities. Issues in the area of international labour laws, your insurance policies, pension and salary administration all determine the extent to which your international activities can be successful.

These issues are inextricably linked to the fiscal area of expertise and require an integrated approach.

Yodatax offers this integrated approach.

Our services comprise:

-Advising on 30%-ruling, preparation/filing 30%-applications;

-Advising on the fiscal position of employees of international organisations;

-Advising on the implementation of salary splits;

-Preparation and filing Dutch income tax returns;

-Preparation and filing of appeal against income tax assessments;

-Advising on the responsibility to submit foreign tax returns;

-Advising on the liability to tax in home and work country;

-Advising on the (international) social security position;

-Advising on cross-border employment;

-Advising on exit/entry meetings;

-Assessing employment relationships and advising on risk limitation.

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