Yodatax Expat Solutions

Trusted provider of integrated advice for expats and companies operating internationally.

Integrated advice for expats and companies

Yodatax Expat Solutions is a trusted provider of integrated advice for expats and companies operating internationally. We understand that cross-border activities encompass more than just fiscal matters. Issues such as compliancy, international social security, pension management and payroll administration significantly impact the success of your international ventures. We offer a comprehensive approach to address these interconnected challenges.

Our services encompass a wide range of areas, including advising on the 30%-ruling, preparing and filing of tax returns, advising startups (ZZP’s) and processing their administration, addressing fiscal positions of employees in international organizations, the application of tax treaties and more.

Our expertise

Tax returns

We file tax returns for resident taxpayers, expats, businesses and (retired) staff of international organizations.

30% ruling, advice & application

We check the eligibility for the 30% ruling of employees and take care of the total application procedure.

Startups / freelancers

We help freelancers and ZZP’s with their setup and structuring and with online bookkeeping, periodic VAT returns and personal income tax returns.

Cross-border employment

We advise employers on withholding obligations, 183-days rule, optimization of international staff’s remuneration and international hiring out of labour.

Social security position

We advise & coordinate on international social security positions, take care of A1 certificates and Certificates of Coverage.

Tax Advice for International Organizations and staff members

We advise international organizations on the fiscal position of their staff members and help (retired) staff with their personal income tax returns.

Exit / Entry meetings

We offer personal guidance & explanation of Dutch tax and social security obligations upon immigration and we create exit strategies.

Avoidance double taxation

Our in-depth knowledge of tax treaties on fiscal residency, permanent establishments, international employment and pensions avoids double taxation.

Other tax firms

We  offer advice to tax firms who do not have the capacity of in-house expertise to deal with clients who have complicated cross borders situations.

What our clients say

When it comes to reducing tax, do or do not, there is no try

As a small-scale firm, we pride ourselves on establishing close working relationships. We prioritize personal contact, meeting face-to-face to understand your business challenges thoroughly. Our flat organizational structure enables efficient communication and swift responsiveness.

At Yodatax, we strive to be your partner rather than a mere service provider, investing time to support and exceed your expectations. Choose us to navigate the complexities of your international activities with confidence, maximizing the potential of your global ambitions.

“Optimize your taxes effectively, we will.”

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